Us...Fried Ska-Lamari that is

We're a southern New York based band. The band started with just Beardo and I(Josh), and it eventually grew to the 7-man freakshow that we're putting on now. After Beardo and I started playing together, we got a guitar player with an interest in SkA music, and most people like to call him Frank. Then Chris joined as the sax player, and I persuaded Steve to jam with us on his trumpet. Finally what we needed was a singer, and after much thought, Frank suggested Lenny, saying that he could sing SkA well. Mike is our latest addition on his tuba. We don't really need a tuba, but we thought it would be cool, so we added him. By the way, Mike has no spleen. Check out each of our pages...

Beardo on the electric bass
Chris on the saxophone
Frank on the electric guitar
Josh on drums and percussion
Steve on a trumpet
A player to be named later on the trombone
Lenny as our singer
Mike on his tuba

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or anything that would make sense to send us,
just E-MAIL US.